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"Pyurēti's sultry vocal tonality drippz over each track with a sensually emotional sauce. Each song takes you on a ride that you can feel with raw intensity from the moment the first track plays. Her flow is fiya! Her artistry takes your heart through an emotional rollercoaster effortlessly. From smooth and chill to club banging rhythms this album's is what rnb should be! I wish I could jam to each one again but Caught Up did it for me"


"Your songs are soooooo dope girl. Where do we buy it at? Tonightttttt Lol Girl I sent that to my friend She was like OMGGGG WHO IS THAT"


"It was well worth, thank you for blessing me with the experience of listening to it. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and can't wait for it to come out. You are beautiful all around. Wish you the best."


"Im lost for words..... You did a wonderful job. Not sure how much help I'll be at assisting you with choosing a single. I can't choose one favorite. Didn't get to hear No Shelter. I don't know what happened on my end. I'm sure it's great like all the others. I think Launchpads would be my favorite if I had to choose one but I don't wanna choose just one ....lol You can listen to that straight through"


"Amazing vocals and songwriting! Looking forward to the final cut! Bullsh*t —the one!"


"Some talent can't be hidden, it simply HAS to be SHARED, or in your case, LAUNCHED! I truly am digging your vibe and your message. Keep blessing us with that wonderful gift that God blessed you with; it speaks LOVE."


"Sublime & Classic! Pyurēti's lyrics are raw and beyond mesmerizing. The musician's musician, for real. Thank you so much for sharing your words and banging sound. I'm desperately waiting to see what you come up with next!"


"Did anyone know she could sing like this???? Also what a Singer/Songwriter you are. Didn't know you had this talent...AWESOME!!! Gurrrrrl....I loved the album. Is there anyway we can listen to it again?"


"Pyurēti defiantly lives up to her name. Not only does she have a pure heart her voice is like water. It just flows. She can adapt her voice to any type of beat or song and make it her own. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with her and get to know her as a person. I'm super excited for her upcoming single and album. My favorite song from the listening party was Launch Pad. The world needs that song right now more than ever. Launch Pad is that inspirational song that reminds me that sometimes life will pull you back to a uncomfortable position just to propel you forward to a better situation. All things in life are temporary. Your current position is not your final destination. Stay winning Purity . I'm proud of you!!!"


"Pyurēti... The name fits you perfectly. With angelic tones, rifts & lyrics, that leave me with much thought provoking emotions & totally blow me away. You're a breath of fresh air, compared to all the stank, I've been hearing lately. If I can put it like that. Your vibes are absolutely amazing & relaxing. The music industry needs this type of artist right now, it's been way too long since we've heard an artist like you. We need to listen & not just hear. I can't wait to hear & feel your album. I know it's going to be purely beautiful."

-Nikola Mo'nique

"Ok I don't know how to leave feed back in those other places you mentioned so here you go

1 The Real and 2 caught up

But no matter what, you must put Launch pad on the album. I think that will become an anthem for everyone going through the struggle."


"Pyurēti has a gift. Her voice is so versatile and her style is pure and unique. Each track has it own special flow. So excited for the album! Love Last is my all time favorite."


"The music is amazing !!! It’s fun ... it’s heartfelt... it’s entertaining... I can ride to the whole album.. I can’t wait to hear more... One of my new favorite artists. Whippin' is that JOINT!!!!!"


"It was really hot a great launchpad"


"Hey Pyurēti this is Your Bro Flow. I just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful listening party. I’m so happy and proud of you. The music was so wonderful, and your voice was bottom line Super Star status. I had a great time at the Listening party. The beats were super Dope as well. Some of my favorites on the Album were Nothing, No Shelter, Tonight (Thass my Jamm) Caught Up (this one needs to be the Single Girl) and Substance Abuse...super clever track. I wish you every bit of success in this world my friend. Love you. I’m ready to purchase the album now."


"All praises shalom yisreal most in christ bless you always i like the soul vibe"